’SectAway jewelry have been carefully designed to bring you an effective mosquito repellent delivery system!  The unique spiral design and porous beads absorb and adsorb essential oils to optimize evaporation in a time-released fashion.  The spiral design  also allows flexible sizing.  The oils have been chosen for effectiveness and purity.

Do the drops go in the center of the dish?

No--The center of the dish is to store the dropper bottle.  It is for storage only.  The drops are super-concentrated and only a few are needed on the jewelry piece.  Essential oils evaporate very quickly without a surface to hold and time-release them.

Is the jewelry soaked in the oils?

No--the oils are highly concentrated and only a few drops are needed at a time.  Using excessive oil is not only wasteful, the scent may be overpowering, like wearing to much cologne.  It can also react with the copper in the clasp and leave green deposits on the dish (they wash off easily).

Are the oils safe for fabrics?

Yes--Since the oils are well-absorbed (and adsorbed) on the beads, there is no transfer to delicate materials, such as silk and suede.  'SectAway can be worn with ANY outfit with confidence, even formal wear!

Has 'SectAway been tested for effectiveness?

Yes--We sent our patent-pending blend to an entomology lab for testing against live Aedes aegypti mosquitoes.  The essential oils repelled 97.5% of them for the duration of the testing: 2 1/2 hours.  Results were at least as good as a major national brand!

What if the bracelet breaks?

The bracelets use a sturdy cotton cord for durability, but eventually it will break.  My first one lasted over 2 years with heavy use and I have since started using thicker cord to last even longer.  I will re-work any bracelet for the cost of shipping (usually ~$2).

My clasp is too tight/too loose!

The clasp was chosen to be easy-to-use and secure.  There is a small ball at the base of the hook that gives some resistance when the loop passes it.  If the hook is too wide, there will not be a "catch."  Squeeze the hook to narrow the gap.  Similarly, if it is too tight and difficult to remove, bend the hook out a little to give more room for the loop to pass.

Does 'SectAway repel ticks?

The current formulation does NOT repel ticks.  Future versions may include a tick repellent which could be included in the essential oils.

Are ’SectAway jewelry nickel-free?

Yes--the clasp and logo tag were carefully selected to be nickel-free.  If you are especially concerned, a custom piece could be made without metal components.

Are ’SectAway essential oils organically sourced?

The “organic” label has been misused and does not necessarily mean products are safer.  The essential oils are sourced to be as pure and potent as possible with a minimum of risks to the user.  Certified "organic" oils are available by custom order at additional cost.

Are ’SectAway made with all natural components?

The term “natural” has no legal nor commercial definition.  Care has been taken to select materials with minimal processing, such as simple dyed cotton, unfinished wood beads, and high purity essential oils.

Are 'SectAway waterproof?

The essential oils do not readily dissolve nor wash away in water.  Hand-washing will not remove the oils appreciably.  We do recommend refreshing the oils after swimming.

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