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Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

Created with a Purpose
Mosquitoes kill about a million people every year, mostly from malaria.  However, Zika and chikungunya are spreading in the southern US and West Nile Virus is endemic in many areas.  Preventing mosquito bites is becoming more important than ever!
Scientifically Engineered
'SectAway jewelry are specially designed to hold and release the essential oils with maximum efficiency! The spiral pattern and surface-to-volume ratio increase the area available to adsorb the oils and slowly release the repellent.
Super Concentrated
Only a few drops of repellent on the bracelet or anklet are needed.  Refresh frequently to optimize repellent properties.  At night, add a few more drops and place the bracelet in the ceramic dish.  Replace the lid and place the dish on your night stand or in a small area, such as a tent, to repel mosquitoes while you sleep!
Designed With YOU in Mind
The clasp is designed to be easy to use and secure. All metal items are nickel-free to avoid irritation.  The spiral design also makes the jewelry adjustable to give a custom fit! Many designs are unisex as well!
Combines fashion and function!


‘SectAway jewelry can last for years and require only a few drops of concentrated repellent per use. Over the course of a few mosquito seasons, it will cost a LOT less than the accumulated cans of spray or discarded coiled bracelets!



Compared to other wearable devices, ‘SectAway are reusable and contribute significantly less waste to landfills! There are no cartridges or plastic coiled bracelets to discard. Even compared to sprays, there is less packaging to throw away!



The best repellent is the one you’ll actually use! The attractive ‘SectAway dish can position your set where you can SEE it and USE it—on your nightstand or vanity or next to your jewelry box….! It is quick and easy to use!



Your ‘SectAway jewelry and ceramic storage dish/diffuser are one-of-a-kind pieces of art! You can be proud to wear your jewelry as part of your ensemble and display the dish as part of your decor!



The concentrated essential oils stay in the jewelry, not on your skin. The metal components are nickel-free and lead-free. The ceramic dish uses food-safe glazes.



The proprietary ‘SectAway essential oil blend kept 97.5% of mosquitoes away for at least 2 1/2 hours in chamber testing with Aedes aegypti mosquitoes! Future testing will help show how long it can last and how large an area is protected.

Our Philosophy

Spectacular Creations that give you a distinct look

Each piece of jewelry and each dish is HAND-made and one-of-a-kind!  You'll LOVE your wearable art!

10% of every 'SectAway purchase supports Malaria Consortium!

Donations do NOT imply any endorsement of 'SectAway by Malaria Consortium.

The Most EFFECTIVE mosquito repellent jewelry at the Most Affordable prices.

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